ISM®’s Roadmap to Value

This tool, based on insights and strategies from supply management experts and thought leaders, can help your organization assess its position, plan for the future and move to a higher level of maturity.

By Thomas W. Derry
CEO, Institute for Supply Management®

There is one constant truth in supply management: As a leader, you’re never done transforming your organization.

Perhaps you have inherited a legacy team as the result of an acquisition or been hired as the new leader with a mandate to improve organizational performance. Maybe you’re trying to keep pace with emerging technologies or preparing to upskill and reskill your team for the coming age of predictive analytics. Regardless of the situation, your organization never stops preparing for the future.

In the face of all this change, it’s tempting to implement incremental improvements like lowering head count through a P2P system or reallocating FTEs to higher value-added work by using robotic process automation for routine reports. Also, global spend analytics can identify opportunities to consolidate and leverage spend volumes, reducing the company’s cost base.

For more mature companies — where implementing incremental change isn’t enough — integrated digital transformation is called for. Other organizations may be just beginning to realize what transformation can mean to them.

It’s a never-ending journey. All successful journeys follow a roadmap: Today, we’re here, and in the future, we want to be there. You need a plan to lead your team into the future, while ensuring essential work is executed along the way.

The attached maturity model is based on Institute for Supply Management®’s (ISM®) interaction with its broad, global network of more than 50,000 members. Teams exist all along this maturity curve. It’s not so important where your team stands today; what’s important is where you are taking your team — and the plan to get there.

ISM has a full suite of products and services to help you build a plan to future-proof your supply management team. Many organizations use the ISM Mastery Model® Assessment to diagnose current levels of critical competencies in the organization. They follow with a targeted approach — defining job roles, fostering continuous professional development, and rethinking organizational models to build the team of the future.

Please refer to the attached model as a starting point. And if you’re interested in learning more about how ISM, a nonprofit professional society that exists solely to advance the practice of supply management, is helping other organizations on their journeys — and can help yours — please reach out to us.

There’s plenty of work to do. Let’s get started!

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